New hemp bed linen added to Soak & Sleep’s product range


hempFollowing increased customer demand for more sustainable products, Soak&Sleep is the first major UK bedding retailer to add a range of hemp products to their collection.

The range will include pillow cases, duvet covers and fitted and flat sheets in all sizes from single to superking in a neutral ‘chalk’ colourway. The range will be available to buy in late September and prices will start from £30.

Hemp’s sustainable credentials are high. It grows in abundance and produces double the fibre yield of cotton per hectare. It also uses 30% less water than cotton to grow and 25% less water in the production process. The plant is naturally repellent to pests meaning less pesticides are needed to grow it successfully. Plus it returns 60-70% of nutrients to the soil, keeping the land better fertilised for the following year’s crop. 

In addition to this, when hemp is made into a fabric it is up to eight times stronger than linen and is resistant to UV light so it holds colour better, meaning these items will last longer than any other natural fibre. 

As a natural fibre hemp is good at absorbing moisture and heat and it’s a great temperature regulator, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. What’s more, it has anti-bacterial properties, which means it’s also appropriate for allergy sufferers. 

And whilst hemp might conjure up visions of hippy-style fabrics, this unique fabric creates a very elegant look reminiscent of Irish Linens with a smooth-to-the-touch feel.

Commenting on the new range, Sally Hancox, Buying Manager said: “Being environmentally conscious doesn’t mean compromising on luxury. Our hemp range isn’t like you’d imagine, it’s super soft, smooth but with a textured hand-feel – similar in texture to our French Linen but even softer, with a superb drape. It’s a true super-fibre and is exceptional at regulating your body temperature, helping you to sleep comfortably all year round – sleeping green never felt so good!”


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