Neste’s innovative eco-plugin aims to revolutionize delivery services worldwide


unnamedNeste, the world’s leading producer of waste and residue-based renewable fuels, has published a revolutionary concept that makes online and mobile shopping eco-friendly.

CleanTrail is a simple integrable plugin for existing apps that enables businesses to enrich their webstores with a sustainable delivery option. When an existing store or service provider implements the plugin into their website or app it will be displayed as a simple checkbox on the checkout view. This is also a major opportunity for partner companies to incorporate an ecologically beneficial service. After selecting the sustainable delivery the product or service will be brought to the customer using renewable fuels, like e.g. Neste Renewable Diesel. The plugin doesn’t only offer more responsible delivery options; service providers can also implement other functionalities, enabling customers to choose from a variety of renewable packaging choices, or giving them the opportunity to reuse old containers.

This innovative mobile service enhancement offers consumers the chance to take some of the burden off the environment while also making a clear statement in favor of sustainable choices. This special delivery will cost a little extra but the option is integrated into a reward system that will benefit the customer in other purchases later on.

Vote for a sustainable future

CleanTrail is a part of Neste’s innovation driven Pre-order the Future project that focuses on product and service ideas within five topics: public spaces, entertainment, travel, learning, and mobility. All concepts are currently under public vote on the project website. The winning concept will be announced in October 2016 and a real prototype of it developed shortly after.

Pre-order the Future project is all about discovering new ways of using renewable materials in the production of goods and services. It is also about sparking public conversation and encouraging people to dream big for a better future.

Learn more about the Pre-Order the Future project and vote for the concept ideas on the official website.


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