National Tampon Alert Day – Reducing the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome


This year National Tampon Alert Day falls on Saturday 8th June and is a reminder to women that whilst tampons are great for providing security and comfort during our periods, they can pose a dire health risk: Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). TSS is a rare but life-threatening bacterial infection that in some cases is thought to be caused by tampons. Despite of this, millions of women choose to use tampons, usually without any problems, so with a little care and attention the risk from TSS can be minimized greatly.

In order to reduce the risk of TSS, women are strongly advised to wear the same tampon for no longer then eight hours, and use the lowest flow absorbency possible. Whilst TSS is a major factor in tampon safety, many women are also unaware of the fact that many conventional brands of tampon can contain harmful synthetic substances.

Unfortunately many widely available brands contain a number of synthetic substances and bleaching agents, which can cause irritation and inflammation in an already delicate area. The cotton used within some of these products is grown using pesticides, fungicides and fertilisers  which can remain in the finished product. Many tampons are also bleached with chlorine, a powerful irritant and polluter of our rivers and waterways.

Organyc TamponDue to this, natural tampon brand Organyc is alerting women on National Tampon Alert Day, to the fact that whilst it is important to ensure safety when using tampons to avoid the risk of TSS, we should also look to buy natural sanitary products to reduce possible health risk and irritation from ingredients used in their manufacture.

Organyc tampons are hypoallergenic and made from 100% organic cotton, which as well as being absorbent, is from a sustainable, natural and renewable resource. The cotton is grown without the use of damaging pesticides, chemicals or harsh bleaching agents. The cotton in Organyc tampons is also not treated with chlorine bleach.

The Organyc range offers a choice of absorbencies, which meets every need, and the range is hypoallergenic, so even the most sensitive users can have confidence in using tampons. Organyc tampons vary in price from £2.59 to £3.59 depending on the tampon model and pack size. They are available from Organyc and at all good independent health stores in the United Kingdom.

For more information on National Tampon Alert Day and how you can purchase Organyc tampons click here!


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