Meet muro, the world’s one and only modular busy board


image003Each muro is centered around a unique, two-part, plug and play system.  A complete set comprises a base unit; either a board or a cube, and interchangeable modular toys which connect seamlessly together.

The bases are crafted from beautiful sustainable birch-plywood, and provide the trade-mark holes that makes a muro so distinctive.  Fitting perfectly into those holes are the toys, made from rubber wood re-purposed from the latex industry local to their factory.

The muro system allows parents to create an activity centre that is not only personalised and perfectly suited to their child’s stage of development, but one that will grow with their little one.  With over 30 toys already, including a colour spinner, string pull, light switch and bead maze to name just a few, theoptions to introduce new, age appropriate toys at various stages

The Midi muroboard kit is the most popular at £189, but there is lots of options in the range:


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