Light and warmth: Lessmore Christmassy 100% recyclable cardboard trees


One of our readers was asking about an eco option for a Christmas tree this year, check this out.

For Christmas time do switch your spaces on with the help of a natural and eco-friendly material. Turn them on by a delicate, deep, warm, sensual, calm and soft brightness. Get your fill of light thanks to bright Christmassy 100% recyclable cardboard trees conceived and designed by Giorgio Caporaso for Lessmore.
A creation of the architect and designer who tested the use of an unusual material, as the cardboard is, to create furniture and  interior design items distinctive by virtue of a unique, communicative and sensorial design.

Brightness and meaning of Time
Created in 100% recyclable cardboard, Lessmore Christmassy trees are like bright sculptures radiating their flashes from within. Available in the classic white, red and green finishes plus now in the gold and silver brand new ones, these trees decorate the space like a really artwork or a natural formation settled in time thanks to their overlapping layers. The inner LEDs create a suggestive environmental light which turns the space into a warm, relaxed and charming nest.
If, like Andy Warhol claimed, enjoying the Earth without destroying it is the best artwork humankind can desire, it’s definite that Lessmore Christmassy trees are guided by this idea. Originals, unique, charming as far as design is concerned and balanced in their aesthetics, they’ve been created to deeply recall in their shape the ongoing growth of the trees, a message about the relevance of the “slow time”, the indispensable time to let the Earth make its products grow back.An eco-friendly Christmas
Christmas  time moves a magic wand on the world, everything gets sweeter and handsome.  Since forever one of the key image is the Christmassy tree, the dreaming place toward children run on December 25th morning to know what Santa Claus left for them.
Lessmore bright cardboard Christmassy trees are the intimate touch you give to your home and your loved ones able to enhance of beauty your nest all year long by virtue of their unique and innovative design and to get your hearts warm.
A new and wise message in line with the circular economy concept pursued by Lessmore, whose creation proves the power of the light, force which freely spreads enclosing the surrounding space.
Light up your Christmas. Keep the bright days for yourself. And give the dark ones back to the fate.Sizes
22 cm – X-Small
35 cm – Small
55 cm – Medium
105 cm – Large
180 cm – X-Large
Customized sizes available.
Prices at request.
Design Giorgio Caporaso
Produced and distribuited by Lessmore
Ecodesign CollectionBrand profile

Lessmore – Expression of lifestyle that turns into a declaration of love towards our Planet. This is Ecodesign Collection by Lessmore, ecodesign italian brand born more than ten years ago by Giorgio Caporaso’s insight. Ecodesign Collection tells the personal style and functionality of its author assigning a particular allure to materials traditionally considered poors, just like the cardboard, but bearer of considerable eco-friendly properties.


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