Kite explores the wonderful world of learning


kite1Kite, the planet-friendly clothing brand for children from 0-11 years old, is proud to launch its Autumn Winter 2015 collection exploring the wonderful world of learning. From useful life skills like riding a bike, baking and playing a musical instrument, to learning to make friends and playing as a team. Inspired by this wondrous side of growing up Kite has created a collection that reflects the abilities we develop along the way. The collection is full of fresh and fun imagery which includes juggling raccoons, cycling bears and pet bunnies as well as bright solids and distinctive stripes.

The new range has been expanded further and now includes socks, knitted rompers and colouring books for the first time. Also new is ‘Nimbus’: a complete collection of high performance waterproof rainwear for babies, girls and boys.

Commenting on the new collection, Kite’s product director, Jo Spragg, said: “As a child I’m sure I was heard to say that learning was boring – how wrong I was! Looking back it was the learning that was fun. From getting the hang of felt tip control (and finally producing some beautiful colouring in!) to pursuing my ballet lessons until I was actually quite proud of the standard I’d achieved. These two memories inspired our all over paisley print and our kitty ballerina t-shirt and as our creative juices started to flow we discovered many more skills that we really did clinch during these carefree years.”


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