Julu – Home of the ‘Laundry Ladder’


SetWidth360-Julu-Clothes-AirerAirering our clothes is the more  Eco friendly solution to drying your laundry, The Laundry Ladder by Julu is an attractive and fantastic solution for indoor drying and for those needing space-saving alternatives.  The female duo who run Julu are enthusiastic supporters of all products which uphold sound environmental benefits and are delighted that their Laundry Ladder is one of those.

The Laundry Ladder eliminates the need for tumble dryers, is large enough to replace a traditional clothes airer and takes up almost no space when not in use. Easy to mount to any wall using the two wall brackets provided, each dryer has a clever pulley system that allows you to effortless change the position of the dryer to suit your needs. When flush to the wall, the dryer is perfect for hanging towels and tea cloths, and it can be opened at any point up to 90 degrees to make space for drying all your laundry on wash days.

The image shows a Laundry Ladder from the range made from English Ash and is manufactured here in the UK. There is an alternative Pine range manufactured in Poland to the same high quality as their factory her in the UK.  The cord and brackets for all ranges are manufactured here in the UK

Made from FSC certified wood, each quality clothes airer is perfect for placing in your utility room, laundry space, kitchen or spare bedroom. If you wish to purchase extra hooks these can be used in another location i.e. outside on a good day.

Height:  115cm   Depth: 12.5cm   Width: either (60cm or 80cm)


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