Jake + Maya Kids To Launch Crowdfunding Campaign On Kickstarter


Jake_and_Maya_Kickstarter_Sustainable_Kids_10_LoWe are really excited to be telling you about a fab new crowdfunding campaign launching today on Kickstarter.  Having had a sneak preview, we know the readers of TGF are going to love the clothes and also the idea behind it.

Launched today via a worldwide Kickstarter campaign, the Jake + Maya Kids brand will inspire the next generation to live more sustainably and be less wasteful. Designed in response to growing textile waste created by the kids fashion industry. The kids fashion brand previously stocked in department stores across the globe has reinvented itself to lead the industry in sustainability, focusing on forward thinking approaches to design and less wasteful production processes.

“As a mum of twins (Jake & Maya), I find it really frustrating to see the huge volume of clothing that we are regularly compelled to dispose of. Children grow really fast and they often grow out of their clothing faster than they can wear them, leaving piles of good clothing that has just been outgrown” says Tze Ching Yeung, Creative Director of Jake + Maya Kids. “Inspired by my children we designed a collection that could last longer by growing with kids.”

Centred around an ethos of creating “Slow Fashion for Fast Growing Kids” each item has been made to last longer. The collection features bespoke waistbands on trousers, with many items having longer hem and cuffs. Additional adjustable features have been incorporated into the designs to extend wearability through growth spurts and over many years. The garments all change and transform over time which has inspired the collection to be called “Metamorphosis”.

“By extending a garment’s lifespan by 9 months, its carbon footprint gets reduced by 20-30%” Every item is easy to wear with many different styles to choose from. Prints have been made gender equal and many items are unisex. Garments are personalisable to encourage individuality and freedom to experiment. To keep kids excited for longer, key designs are multifunctional and easily reversible.

“The kids and parents we’ve shown love our prints and styles. It was really important to us that the collection was still really easy to wear and fashionable as well as being better for the environment”.

Jake + Maya (Kids) upholds an ethical production process working in partnership with local UK producers and social enterprises, using only sustainable and organic materials. The collection utilises zero waste design techniques to vastly reduce waste during production.

“The textile industry is currently the world’s second most polluting industry, right after the oil industry. In traditional manufacturing up to 30% of textile is wasted. Our aim is to reduce our waste to almost nothing.”

The most popular items can be preordered as part of the Kickstarter campaign with the full collection of almost 40 items being made available in summer. The crowdfunding campaign starts on the 14th of March and runs through to the 13th of April, 2017.


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