Invest in a Greener Future with the Cyan Sustainable Bond


downloadAs more and more people are making environmentally conscious lifestyle changes to become more sustainable, Cyan Finance has launched the Cyan Sustainable Bond. This is the first opportunity from the award-winning green finance house for individuals to grow their money and play their part in protecting the future of the planet. Investors can earn interest tax-free* by opening an Innovative Finance ISA with Cyan or transferring an existing ISA.  

The climate emergency and degradation of the planet’s life-support systems are considered to be the greatest threats facing humanity. The green economy is growing, but there is a critical gap in financial support for sustainable companies. This is particularly acute for small and medium sized businesses that are not being supported by legacy banks and service providers. The world needs the financial system to address this unmet need and fund the transition to a sustainable economy. This is exactly what Cyan is doing. 

Cyan channels capital as a force for good. Importantly, its expert and experienced team isn’t a small proportion of a large financial institution that puts the majority of its money into destructive industries. Finance with a social purpose is the whole of what Cyan does. 

Cyan Sustainable Bond Terms: 

Minimum investment: £100 

Bond Term: 3 years   

Interest Rate: 3.5%   

Interest Paid: Quarterly  

Funds raised will be used to grow Cyan’s business and build their team. This will enable them to continue expand their support for the green economy, build on their leading role engaging with government and other partners, and provide corporate finance advisory services to more green and sustainable businesses that are working to tackle the climate emergency. 

Cyan’s areas of expertise span the sustainability universe and include electric vehicles, agriculture, clean-tech, responsible consumer goods, sustainable fashion, green buildings and eco-friendly packaging. Cyan’s work is already helping its clients put solar-powered buses on the streets of Brighton, produce biodegradable plastic-free packaging, control weeds without herbicides and provide early warning for cities at risk of flooding, storm and heatwaves.  

Sophie Burgis from the team at Cyan said: “We can now choose plastic-free packaging, opt for pesticide-free produce or take an electric bus to work. However, there has been less attention paid to how our finances could help address the climate emergency. So many people don’t realise that their savings, or even money sitting in their current accounts, might be used by their banks to invest in companies that are damaging the planet.  

“Together, we can bring about real change. Change that is desperately needed to shift money away from destructive investments and to redirect it as a force for good. That is why we have created the Cyan Sustainable Bond – to make it easier for people to be part of the green banking revolution, knowing that every pound that you invest with Cyan is a pound doing good for the world. We would of course recommend potential investors consider their financial circumstances, as with any investment your capital is at risk and returns are not guaranteed.”  

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* Tax-free status is individual and subject to changes in legislation 



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