Introducing Cochie the new name in dairy-free goodness made from coconuts, not cows


Cochie Shakie Group_LRGo coconuts for Cochie, the new vegan, dairy-free, lactose-free and gluten-free range of scrumptious products that your taste buds (and your tummy!) will adore. 

With no known allergens, Cochie products are hugely versatile, have a long shelf life and are packed with flavour that will be loved by all ages.

The launch range includes three creamy ‘Softys’ (think delicious whipped creamy spreads) and two mouth-watering fruit ‘Shakies’… with more product variants coming soon.

It’s time to shake it up!  Move over smoothie, there’s a new kid in town! These fruity Shakies are the super refreshing drink that can be enjoyed from the bottle, poured over ice, mixed with your favourite cereal or frozen to yummy pops! They can even be mixed into your favourite cocktail. Say hello to your new favourite summer drink! Shakies can be stored ambiently for up to 9 months, meaning you can keep a stash in your cupboard and chill as necessary.

Strawberry Shakie (250ml) RRP: £1.99

Mango Shakie (250ml) RRP: £1.99

Great, big Softy!

Creamy and dreamy, this soft, whipped cheesy spread is a thing of greatness on its own or when spread on a bagel, but is fab for baking, making creamy sauces, dipping and more! Choose from three delicious flavours and see how Softy will soon become a fridge staple, which lasts up to 9 months before opening. Store and serve chilled, choose from:

Softy Original 150g RRP £2.29 (22.3 kcals per tablespoon)

Softy Mediterranean Herb 150 g RRP £2.29 (22.6 kcals per tablespoon)

Softy Thai Chilli and Lime 150g RRP £2.29 (22.6 kcals per tablespoon)

Need some inspo? Head online to the Cochie Kitchen for some super tasty recipes including some by David Bez – chef and owner of PlantHub.

So, whether you drink it, mix it, spread it or cook with it – the entire Cochie range is all about delicious flavour – that also happens to be dairy, lactose and gluten-free.

For more information and stockist details visit the Insta @cochiefoods

Cochie – your new choice for dairy-free goodness


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