How are Web Summit and Navigator offsetting carbon emissions?


websummitLast year we went to the Web Summit and had a ball.  This year unfortunately we cannot make it, but this year they are making more of an effort to be green.

The carbon dioxide emissions generated at Web Summit 2017, including those generated by attendees’ air travel, will be totally offset by a pine tree plantation in Portugal. The Navigator Company will establish and manage this forest, with official certification provided by an independent body. An estimated 95,000 pine tree samplings, which will grow and sequestrate carbon dioxide for at least 35 years, will be planted in the centre of Portugal, contributing to a greener Web Summit.

In 2017, Navigator are helping to eliminate the use of single use plastic at Web Summit. Navigator are sponsoring the use of fresh fibre paper water cups throughout the event, ensuring all our water cups are 100% recyclable on site.

Navigator are also sponsoring water refill stations throughout the site, so that attendees can bring their own refillable multi-use water bottles with them.


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