How and Why Your Company Should Recycle Paper and Use Recycled Paper


If you’re like any smart business, you probably spend a lot of time thinking about what you spend and what resources you use. And if you have any sort of a green thumb at work, then those decisions take on a whole new meaning and dimension, too. By cutting what you use and cutting your costs, can you also make things better for the planet? Well, there’s one choice and one effort that you can devote yourself to that we can confirm is a solid yes—paper.

The thing about paper is, it’s probably a business necessity, but it costs you. Take revenue: Make $1 million and you’re generating almost 8 metric tons—that’s tons with a  “t”—in waste, and about 40 percent of that is paper. Just paper.

So how can you trim your paper use, recycle more, and be a greener company? This graphic offers some concrete ideas.

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Recycled papers


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