Hosting the perfect eco-party for kids


children_partySo everything these days seems to be the property of big businesses right? Every inch of wall is covered in advertising for cosmetics and new films coming soon to a cinema near you. It seems as though even kids’ parties are potential sources of advertising – think about your favourite fast food chain hosting children’s parties; complete with plastic bags filled with processed junk and cheap toys.

If you’re finding that you’re tired of big businesses wrestling for control over your children’s parties, which not think about hosting your very own eco-friendly one?

Replace all that tacky junk with home  and hand-made products that the children will love taking home. You can do more than just that though, here are the top 5 tips for hosting the perfect eco-friendly kids party.

  • Venue

Maybe it seems a little obvious, but how about hosting your party at home? If you don’t have the space then there’s always the local village hall or community centre – you can always provide your own food and drink. Using a community centre is great as it keeps the money in your local community, rather than forking out to a big business, where you’re more than likely to get a very average service.

  • The invitations

More expensive than you might think, sending out pre-made invites from specialist companies can cost a pretty penny. Think about making your own invitations. That way you can really personalise them to suit your kids, the party theme or even the tastes of your guests. These really cool ladybird invites are recyclable!

  • Dodge the washing

“I love washing the dishes” – said nobody ever. Let’s face it, we all hate washing up, that’s why they invented a machine to do it for us. At your eco-friendly children’s party you can provide disposable party tableware that is cheap AND recyclable.

Maybe if you make a children’s party game out of them before eating, the kids will be guaranteed to love them. Either way this eco-crockery is a great way to help the environment, save money and even educate the little ones.

  • Party games

So perhaps instead of hosting children’s party games where everyone runs about in a sweaty, sugar-induced rage; perhaps you could plan some eco-friendly activities. These might include planting a birthday tree, dressing up, watercolour painting or doing some home baking.

Kids charging around might look fun, but stimulating the creative side of your kids can be just as satisfying for them. In fact it’ll definitely reflect on their health if they understand the value of these over a whole heap of e-number-loaded sweets and fatty foods.

  • Food

Last but not least, let’s talk about food. Yes a takeaway pizza is great and kids love it, but it’s not the healthiest or most cost-effective way of feeding the masses. I’d suggest making your own party snacks – that way you can control exactly what goes into them; including a healthy portion of love.

Keeping the sugar and e-numbers under control is the major up-side to making your own party food, but it can also be a fun activity to do with the kids on or before the day. Cupcakes, sandwiches, fruit, homemade dips, vegetable sticks, homemade pizza and real fruit juice, are all great options. They taste just as good, if not better than their sugary, fatty counterparts.



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