Hightide Penco Clipboard Gold A5


20170721_083842Regular readers will know I have a bit of a thing about stationery and notebooks in particular.  But one of our things in the office is, that we like to re-use paper as much as we can.  Therefore we have a big pile of A5 size we use for scrap, notes etc, but to be honest it does not look that professional.  So on my trip last week, I found the Penco Clipboard.

Bringing back old school memories when we used to use clip boards, this is not only stylish enough for the office and meetings we go to, but also has some great eco qualities.  Made from recycled hard wood fiber board and with some cute drawings on the back of how you can use it and then how to disassemble it so that you can recycle it once it has been used.

Available to buy from The Journal Shop for £9.



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