Hand-Embroidered Peruvian Wool Baubles In Six Assorted Designs


iansnowOne of my friends absolutely loves Christmas, every year she buys herself a new tree decoration which then is added to the pile that she has accumulated over the years since she started doing Christmas on her own for her and her family.  Seeing all the different decorations and the significance they have is actually very moving.  So I know she will love the look of these hand-embroidered wool baubles.

The natural colours coordinate gorgeously, the designs are playful and together they make a warm, jolly and beautiful arrangement. The supplier of these lovely baubles employs twenty people who work at their premises in Peru. Traditional artisan techniques such as painting and hand embroidery are used on materials like glass, sheep’s wool, pottery and plaster to make their beautiful products. Employees have access to training, so that if they wish to take on new challenges within the company, they can. The company works closely with an NGO and is involved in social projects that help to promote the work of the Peruvian crafts. They also support a project that aims to protect the local environment by using alternative energy and ecologically friendly processes. They are proud of trading products with a strong Peruvian identity and work under the principles of social responsibility, protection of our environment and a Fairtrade philosophy.

Available from Ian Snow for £9.99.


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