Grow fresh organic food with Herbert


Product Herbert 2Herbert, an effortless yet 40% more efficient hydroponic gardening system, funded on Kickstarter within 6 hours.

  • Herbert, the hydroponic vertical garden, 100% funded within 6 hours.
  • Herbert lets you grow fresh organic food at home. Simple, clean and safe.
  • Get 40% more harvest compared to traditional farming. That is a fresh salad every 4-5 days.
  • Strawberries in winter? The in-house developed LED light lets you grow all year around.
  • Save up to 40% for early support. Price starts at 299 EUR / 323 USD.


Ponix Systems brings fresh organic vegetables, herbs and fruits into everyone’s home. Herbert, the hydroponic vertical farm, makes indoor gardening as simple and clean as possible. Starting today you can order your Herbert.

To become an urban farmer simply put a seed into one of the biodegradable sponges, which are also used by NASA, and place it in Herbert. Add water and bio mineral fertilizer to the tank and watch your food grow. Growing this way needs 90% less water. Totally simple, clean and absolutely leak proof. “By growing your own food you have full transparency of what you eat and you can reduce your food waste too.” says Alex Penzias, Co-founder Ponix Systems.

With Herbert you get 40% more harvest compared to traditional farming. The in-house developed LED technology and hydroponic system allow for optimal growth of your plants, placing roots in water and using no soil at all. This way you can grow a fresh head of lettuce within 4-5 weeks compared to 2-3 months. Harvest 80-90 lettuce heads every year – one every 4 to 5 days!

Optimal lighting conditions can be created all year around using the energy efficient LED technology from Ponix Systems. Up to 15 plants can grow in your wall-mounted Herbert. From lettuce, basil or strawberries, to beautiful chilis. Regardless of season, you decide how to spice up your cooking game. “I love the excitement of my cooking class students when they use fresh herbs from our Ponix Systems indoor garden to give their creations the final touch.” says chef Leo Wrenkh, vegetarian food pioneer and owner of the Viennese top restaurant Wrenkh.

Herbert is available in different wood finishes. Get your Herbert now on Kickstarter for 299 EURO / 323 USD. That’s 40 percent cheaper than the planned retail price.



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