Glance Clock


glance-clockLaunched on September 15th on Indiegogo, Glance Clock is a minimalistically designed smart clock that displays your important information – at a glance. Integrating with your smartphone and smart home devices via the free iOS and Android apps, it displays calendar events, incoming calls, weather reports, and more via a backlit LED screen. Ideal for home or office, Glance Clock is an aesthetically functional alternative to the constant smartphone checking becoming ever-prevalent in modern society.



  • Design and Decor – Glance Clock’s design features a minimalist design with aluminum frame, cozy fabric face. Available in three colors – elegant Graphite, modern Silver, or premium Copper – and fits perfectly in any home or office.
  • Always On, Always Connected – With 3-6 months of battery, Glance Clock will always be ready to notify you of your most important information.
  • IoT and App Integration – The clock integrates with fitness and sleep trackers, along with your calendar, weather, and traffic apps. It’ll even alert you to an arriving Uber.
  • Open API – App developers will be the true creative force behind Glance Clock’s future, integrating apps in unique ways.
  • Fully Customizable – Only display the information you want, in the order you want, in the colors you want via the free iOS and Android apps.

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