Give more than just a present this Christmas with Artisanne’s handwoven baskets and tableware


Christmas is a time of giving and a time of goodwill. In today’s climate of excess, a beautiful gift that gives back provides the ultimate balance. Artisanne creates stunning handwoven baskets and tableware in partnership with a team of highly skilled women from remote villages in the Thiès region of Senegal. These women work directly with Artisanne, cutting out middlemen and ensuring a fair and secure income for their work. Artisanne visits the villages several times a year and has nurtured strong relationships. Communicating directly with the artisans during the visits enables everyone to discuss concerns and challenges guaranteeing that the outstanding quality of the product is maintained.

Each Artisanne piece is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, respecting the traditional Senegalese Wolof weaving style whilst incorporating contemporary designs and colours. Each piece is made using sustainable ndiorokh grasses and long strips of plastic traditionally used for making prayer mats. The close relationship with the weavers provides Artisanne with the opportunity to design its own styles and ensure exceptional high quality, whilst the unique hand–crafted nature means that no two baskets are exactly the same.

art1Table Accessories

These beautiful placemats and coasters would be a great addition to any breakfast, lunch or festive dinner table setting. A variety of colours brings life to any table and the story behind the pieces will spark interesting dinner conversation. Choose from stripes, natural or the red vermillion rim design, perfect for Christmas lunch, creating a natural but festive table design. Handwoven bowls make a wonderful centrepiece and are often used as a fruit bowl or breadbasket.

art2Storage baskets

The traditional Senegalese weaving technique is combined with contemporary elegant designs including chevrons, squares and diamonds in blue, grey, mint, pink and yellow hues. Storage baskets can also be found in a round design with a flat lid. The eye-catching design comes in a stripe or a multi-colour square design and creates not just storage but a focus to the room.

Round storage baskets are versatile enough to store anything from logs, throws or even Lego. Whilst small handwoven baskets are used as everything from planters to waste paper baskets. Newly added to this range are larger handwoven storage baskets with lids designed to hold and hide more.

The entire Alibaba range, from the laundry baskets through to the baby baba basket, are a lovely feature for any bedroom, bathroom, landing or hallway. Not only beautiful but practical too, perfect for hiding clutter or storing items, and in the case of the extra-large Alibaba ideal for the family’s laundry or linen & duvets. There are very few artisans who can weave the extra-large Alibaba’s to Artisanne’s exceptional quality and it takes the craftswomen a week to make just one.


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