Frugi Leads the Charge on Eco-Hangers


POSSS2102OS_3Ethical & organic children’s clothing company switches to cardboard hangers to reduce single-use plastic waste in garment industry

Frugi, the Cornish-based ethical and organic children’s clothing and accessory company, has eliminated single-use plastic hangers from all their wholesale and consumer operations by replacing them with sustainable cardboard alternatives.

Most single-use plastic hangers end up in landfill.  In the UK alone, 100 million plastic hangers are discarded each year by customers after one use.  As a result, many clothing companies are planning an eco-friendly alternative to help turn the tide on single-use plastics.  Frugi is leading the way with their new cardboard hangers now available to all their existing retailers for purchase in bundles of 50 on their website or free of charge to Gold POS pack retailers.

Frugi’s new cardboard hangers are made using FSC certified 100% recycled materials and 100% recyclable after use in household paper recycling. They are exceptionally strong and hard wearing and have been specifically designed to hold all sizes of Frugi clothing from newborn up to age ten. The hangers come with reusable metal clips to enable the same hanger to securely hold bottom garments.

Commercial Director Simon Dowling says, “This is an industry game-changer that will significantly reduce single-use plastic hangers being circulated within the garment industry each year. I hope other companies follow suit.”

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