From Cushions to Concept Store & a Whole Lot More


merwoingsMeroWings embodies an imaginative, sophisticated lifestyle concept that cleverly intertwines natural motifs with contemporary design. The results are an inspiring, original and dynamic collection of luxurious furnishing items and accessories that transport the elements of nature into every living environment.

For the eighth year running MeroWings presents a whole new range of multi-functional objects.

Launches this year under this theme include an innovative indoor and outdoor seating system with exchangeable covers and inlays. These adhere to the UK and USA fire retardant regulations. This same ingenious system also applies to MeroWings’ new “Elements” indoor light columns and outdoor LED lamps, the latter that can also double up as either robust stools or tables. Across all fronts, this approach opens up a world of opportunities in terms of sustainable and flexible furnishing.

In keeping with its environmentally friendly manufacturing strategy, MeroWings will be offering inflatable versions of its Loungers and best selling Log Poufs. Furthermore, these new airbeds and stump inlays are made of recycled materials and are certified ECO and skin friendly.

Another fresh release for the summer season is the new Log Bags n’ Blankets collection. Printed in MeroWings’ gorgeous nature motifs, the bags are stuffed with double-sided blanket, one side made of a soft velvety fabric and the other side waterproof material. Easy to transport and interchange, the Log Bags n’ Blankets can be used together as a portable cushion, or separated out as a picnic blanket or a carrying case. Et voila!

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