Food Hoods


food hoodsThese Food Hoods are the sustainable alternative to disposable plastic such as cling film and at the same time offer a unique and practical solution for food storage. A left over fruit salad, your child’s pasta or the dip from the last party and your wondering where that fitting lid, and do I really have to fill it into another container? Now you can easily  save and store your leftovers with our food safe and refrigerator-compatible hoods.

Just grab one of these sustainable food hoods, pull it over your bowl and you’re done. Use it again and again. Simply wipe it off , wash by hand or in the washing machine and they are ready to re-use. Integrating the Zero Waste Lifestyle into your everyday life has never been so easy, and at the same time as stylish.

You are also supporting local social projects, as all ever & again products are Made in Germany and hand sewn in mental rehabilitation workshops just 3 miles from their office.

What makes the food hoods so special:

  • You can use the food covers again and again and again….
  • Each set is hand sewn and therefore unique
  • Each set contains three hoods: ca. 13, 18, 23cm in diameter
  • Outer material: 100% cotton from upcycled fabrics or rest fabrics
  • Inner lining: ProCare ® waterproof and food safe fabric, free of BPA, lead &phthalates.
  • Suitable for refrigerators, easy to wipe off, washable by hand or in the washing machine
  • All the products are vegan
  • Made in Germany in Rehabilitation Workshops

You can buy them from ever & again for €30.


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