Focus Logistics Reduce Construction Waste by a Colourful 25%


alistair_veryard_photography_focus_recycling-71_G6A5989Focus Logistics, a construction logistics business, believe they have seen the light with a range of seven colour coded 660 litre bins. From pink for plaster to grey for metal perhaps this is the way to change habits, transcend language barriers and do the ‘right thing’ with unwanted site products? It’s called SMARTsegregate.

Founded in 2007 by James Copperwait, Focus Logistics was formed with a view to improve the way construction projects are run: ‘Our business model is simple and very effective; we operate with a “less is more” and “value overrides cost” mentality. 32% of landfill waste comes from the construction and demolition of buildings and 13% of products delivered to construction sites are sent directly to landfill without having being used.

We work in such a way that harks back to a time forgotten, where waste was not an option, a time when resources were scarce and appreciated and valued, a time that our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents remember, where words such as thrifty and frugal were used out of necessity not just to tick a box. We want to protect the resources that we have, and ultimately protect the ultimate resource that we are all striving for; profit’.

Focus Logistics, with over 70 projects under their belt, is committed to reducing the carbon footprint of construction sites by carefully managing waste. ‘Smart Logistics’ is their pioneering initiative which efficiently tackles material management, distribution and clearance.

Dedicated waste teams create a plan for the collection, management, storage and removal of all types of waste. All construction wastes are segregated on site for direct recycling of in excess of 95% of on-site waste material. Materials that cannot be recycled will be responsibly dealt with in accordance with current legislation meaning that 100% of waste is diverted from landfill.

Focus Logistics SMARTsegregation bins are in action at their Redrow Homes’ site with 2900 homes in Colindale Gardens, North West London and Canary Wharf’s South Quay Plaza for Berkeley Homes, where onsite segregation is rewarding for the workforce and the contractor.


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