Flexible packaging firm introduces compostable packaging to its product portfolio


tylerA specialist supplier of flexible packaging has introduced compostable bags to its product portfolio in a bid to improve the sustainability offering of its packaging range.

Tyler Packaging, which supplies flexible packaging to a range of industries, has developed a range of compostable bags to add to its packaging portfolio as it hopes to help customers improve their green credentials, in line with the increasing demand for sustainable options.

Adam Kay, Sales and Technical Director at Tyler Packaging, commented: “Sustainability and environmentally friendly policies are a huge focus for businesses across a broad spectrum of industries. By bringing in a compostable product option, we’re able to help firms that need to meet certain sustainability targets.”

Compostable packaging allows for the product to be disposed off in a home or industrial composting environment, with micro-organisms removing all trace of the packaging thanks to bio-degradable additives included in the plastics.

Adam said: “Landfill space is an ever increasing problem in today’s world. Population growth means we’re under mounting pressure to dispose of consumer waste in an environmentally friendly manner. With compostable packaging, under the right conditions it will have disappeared within a matter of months, meaning there’s no long term threat to the environment and no requirement for landfill.”

The bags designed by Tyler Packaging can hold up to 4kg in product weight and incorporate a moisture and fat barrier, meaning they’re suitable for perishable goods. The initial compostable bag offering incorporates a zipper closure system and is available as a standard or as a flat base pouch.

Adam concluded: “The introduction of compostable packaging into our product range is just another example of Tyler’s innovative approach to business. With customer requirements constantly evolving, its important that we diversify our product range in line with customer demand.”

With patented technology such as SLIDE-RITE® sliders, laser scribing, easy open, flat base pouches and numerous other high quality flexible packaging options available, such as laminated pouches, laminated bags and sacks, laminated BOPP/PP woven sacks, Tyler Packaging has continuously used successful innovation techniques to build an industry leading business.

3D imagery at the design stage of the packaging process to assist client marketing departments in visualising designs and print layouts prior to printing, is one of many facilities offered by the company which also includes augmented reality as a possible design option.


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