Ella’s Kitchen Brigade – An Innovative Recycling Fundraising Scheme


Ella's KitchenElla’s Kitchen Brigade is a recycling fundraising scheme designed to save used baby food pouches from landfills in the United Kingdom and recycle them into new useful products. TGF are delighted to announce that Ella’s Kitchen Brigade has reached the 500,000 milestone in terms of the number of pouches saved! 

Astonishingly if you took all of the pouches collected and piled them on top of each other it would reach 80,000 meters! That is nine times the height of Mount Everest – how crazy is that?

Terracycle 1The Ella’s Kitchen Brigade was launched in the United Kingdom in March 2010 with recycling experts TerraCycle. Ella’s Kitchen teamed up with TerraCycle as, although baby food pouch material is recyclable, sadly councils in the United Kingdom do not have the infrastructure to recycle this type of waste packaging and so it needlessly ends up in landfill.

Head of Giving Stuff Back at Ella’s Kitchen, Sarah Bright, comments:

“We love to give stuff back at Ella’s Kitchen so are delighted that Ella’s Kitchen Brigade participants across the United Kingdom have all done their bit to help reach this significant ‘half a million’ collection milestone figure.  The program has been passionately embraced by parents, nurseries, playgroups, schools and more across the country as the perfect way to save baby food pouches from landfill and raise awareness of the importance of taking care of our environment.

At the same time £13,425 has been raised for schools, charities and non-profit organisations by the Ella’s Kitchen Brigade, which is great!  To celebrate hitting the 500,000 pouch milestone every member of the Ella’s Kitchen Brigade who sends in a shipment that is checked in from 17th July to 17th August 2013 will be entered into a prize draw to win one of fifty fab up cycled tote bags.”

WasteTo show your support for this fantastic innovative, sign up to the Ella’s Kitchen Brigade for free by clicking here and begin to collect used baby food pouches of any brand in any envelope or box. When ready to send in the collected pouches simply print off a free post label from your account, fix to the envelope or box and drop it off to their nearest post office. For every used baby food pouch of any brand sent back to TerraCycle, two points is earned which can be redeemed for a two pence contribution to the school or charity of the collector’s choice.

TerraCycle can use the waste baby food pouch material to make a wide range of recycled plastic products such as garden benches, watering cans or waste bins.  Waste material from Ella’s Kitchen’s factories is also given a second life by being up cycled into lunch bags, tote bags, pencil cases and more. For more information about Ella’s Kitchen click here and make a difference today!


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