Eco-friendly Sculpture made from Ocean Waste is Tackling Mental Health


upliftWe love the look of this and of course anything that is eco-friendly and helps mental health is a win-win in our minds.

Award-winning British designer Tom Lawton launches Uplift 2.0 – a solar powered spiralling sculpture made from recycled fishing nets.
A mesmerising, spiralling sculpture, Uplift 2.0 sits on your windowsill and gentle revolves. It visually soothing motion create a moment of calm, helping you to relax and unwind. Manufactured from plastic fishing nets sourced from Cornish Hake Fisheries it’s not only good for the mind, but it’s good for the planet too.

·       Created by British inventor and channel 4 TV personality Tom Lawton
·       Sits on the windowsill and gently revolves. It’s relaxing motion creates a never-ending spiral that’s hypnotic to watch
·       Beautifully crafted from recycled plastic nets sourced from Cornwall’s Hake Fisheries
·       £10 from every direct sale goes to the Sea Sanctuary a mental health charity
·       Available to pre-order now. from delivery from mid August 2020. RRP: £185.


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