Eco Activities to do with the kids this Summer



Eco Arts Workshops for children interested in painting, drawing and sculpting at the Alameda Gardens in Gibraltar.

Gibraltar and United Kingdom

Creativity. Collect a selection of repurposable materials such as used gift wrap and odd buttons. When a rainy Sunday or school holiday comes along, pull out the items as the basis for upcycling projects. You might want to go with a theme like wall art or homemade Christmas presents.

Bird Watching: How to Get Started

Starting bird watching with your kids couldn’t be easier. Even in the depths of the city, in parks and back gardens, on lamp-posts and roadside trees, you’ll find something to watch and some of the best opportunities exist outside your own kitchen window, particularly if you have a bird bath and put out food for them. When you do venture further afield, whether that’s a woodland walk, a foreign holiday or simply visiting granny, the fun can start all over again with a whole new collection of birds to see.

Build Your Own Greenhouse from Plastic Bottles

Here’s a great practical project for the whole family – turn used plastic bottles into a greenhouse, and then enjoy the chance to grow some of your own food once you’ve finished. Some of the heavier construction work is probably going to be adults-only – or older kids at least – but there’s still plenty that can be done by smaller children and the basic idea can be adapted to make everything from a small cold frame to a really sizeable greenhouse. It’s a particularly good project for schools or large groups – but even with dozens of willing hands, it’s a big undertaking, so it’s not going to get done in an afternoon!

Do Your Own Energy Survey

With energy being one of the biggest issues of the day, doing your own energy survey can be a great way to involve all the family in doing something that’s both positive for the planet, and helpful to the household budget. Professional audits will, of course, be more comprehensive than anything the average DIY approach is likely to achieve – but that’s not really the point. While doing your own won’t be as accurate, there’s nothing quite like examining your own lifestyle and energy usage to see for yourself where savings could be made, and waste cut out. Best of all, even the littlest of eco-friendly youngsters can help and with a little imagination, it can end up being a really fun activity for everyone.



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