Eco-spongesAnother year has passed and it’s Mother’s day again.  Innovative plastic-free online brand, has just released its love letter to the environment with its top ten alternative gift ideas for a sustainable and loving Mother’s day.

Each present idea is not only a lovely way of saying I love you to mum, but also an eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic, and an active solution to cut back on the unnecessary consumption and waste that this beloved celebration produces every year.

Drop the roses and the commercial chocolate today and show Mother Earth some true love by swapping to eco-friendly, plastic free products, EarthBits says.

Fran Castaldelli, co-founder of EarthBits, adds; “Mother’s day is a fantastic occasion to celebrate motherhood and family love, but it also comes with a lot of waste and plastic. Most people gift their mums chocolate or flowers, without realising what a terrible impact they have on the environment. Because Mother’s day falls in March, 90% of the flowers sold in the UK have to be imported, clocking up a lot of carbon on their journey and making flower bunches a very unsustainable present, from an environmental point of view. Chocolate bought from big corporations is no better. The biggest producers of chocolate in the world get their cocoa powder from Ghana and the Ivory Cost. This has cost masses of lush forest to be cleared to make way for cocoa plantations, resulting in a great loss for space where chimps and other wildlife would normally thrive.”

“However, there are sustainable ways to celebrate motherly love this 22nd March, from naturally made soaps to kitchen compostable brushes, coconut bowls, eco-sponges and reusable make up pads, it’s all about sustainability and showing the planet we love it too”

The EarthBits Mother’s day gift list reflects the changing times we live in and the desire of more and more families to take simple steps towards a more ethical living. The top 10 gift ideas for a greener “I love you mum” present this year are as follows:

  1. Body scrubbing set, £12.95

Treating your mum to luxury SPA experience doesn’t have to break the bank, and can actually avoid any plastic too. Get your mum the ultimate pampering session with this set inclusive of an exfoliating soap pouch, a natural loofah sponge and a scrubbing lavender soap bar. >>>

  1. Vegan bath bombs, £3.50

Heart-shaped, fully vegan bath bombs, what better present than gifting mum some well-deserved me-time and let the beautiful aromas of natural ingredients embrace and pamper her to the fullest?  Available in 3 organic scents: Spiced Cedar, Rose Geranium and Eucalyptus and Rosemary. >>>

  1. Eco-friendly cleaning brush set, £15.96

Time together is the best present of all, so let’s share the love and promise your mum you will be in charge of all the house cleaning for a day (or even a week?) . This compostable, sustainable bundle of eco-brushes is made with sustainable natural materials such as coconut fibre, sisal and natural wood, and they are fully compostable at the end of life. >>>

  1. Breakfast coconut bowl, from £7.20

Surprise mother with an Instagram-worthy, healthy breakfast in bed, served in a beautiful bowl made of discarded coconut shells. Granola, yoghurt, berries and banana will make her forget about the winter weather and make her dream of some exotic destinations, at least for one morning! Available with or without a handmade wooden spoon. >>>

  1. Eco-sponges in cotton and bamboo, £6.00 (set of two)

These reusable, handmade scrubbers are not only so cute they will spice up mum’s kitchen, but they are also 100% sustainable, made with GOTS cotton, bamboo fibre and jute, perfect for washing up pots, pans and plates. >>>

  1. Reusable make-up remover pads, £7.99 (set of ten)

These makeup remover pads come in 2 styles, one with velvet bamboo, which is soft and ideal for delicate skin types and removing eye shadow from the eye area, and another one with bamboo and cotton fabrics, more resistant and great for a deeper facial cleaning. Once used, she can wash them again and they are good to go again, and again and again! >>>

  1. Natural Soaps, from 4.95

Better for our planet and bodies, a wide range of handmade, vegan and plastic free soaps is available together with handmade bamboo soaps. Cut down on plastic while saying I love you this year with a wonderful aromatic artisanal soap bar. Because classic presents always works. >>>

  1. Cotton Bread Bags, from £3.50

Providing a long-term solution to disposable plastic bags, these lovely and sturdy bread bags are aesthetically beautiful and super handy. They are perfect to bring to supermarkets or the local baker, and you could even fill them with some delicious treats. While also say goodbye to plastic bags. >>>

  1. Body Care Gift Set, from £6.99

A beautiful gift set that includes a beautifully scented body wash and moisturiser.  Both 100% vegan and made in the UK, the wonderful jasmine scent of these products will be the perfect gift to tell mum how much you care about her. It comes with recycled bottles so not a trace of plastic in sight! >>>

  1. Organic soapnuts, £8.99

The extraordinary ‘soap berry’ grows on trees in the Himalayas, and contains a natural cleansing agent to lift stains off clothes. This natural product is kind to all skin types, and comes with a handy muslin bag for storage. >>>

Founded by couple of eco-enthusiasts Jason and Fran, EarthBits is based in West Yorkshire, UK. The couple, who are committed to a plastic free and zero-waste life launched the brand in 2019.

To shop the range, please visit and follow @earthbits_ on Instagram.


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