Dingbats Wildlife Series notebooks, green, vegan and fully recyclable


dingbatsDingbats is an eco-friendly notebook brand offering a range of hand crafted notebooks, utilising the knowledge gained from being in the paper trade since 1800.

For those who know me well, you know I am a bit of a notebook lover.  It is probably a weakness of mine, so I have instantly fallen in love with these for their looks let alone their eco credentials.

Dingbats Notebooks are handmade using only degradable, vegan and recyclable products and is the first notebook brand to have been issued with vegan certification along with FSC certification as to the origin of the paper used.

The notebook covers are PU faux leather (100%) vegan whilst each of the 96 sheets (or 192 pages) of 100gsm coated cream fountain pen friendly paper are micro-perforated. And the notebooks, available in 4 sizes open as flat as a pancake.

Inside each notebook are the animals footprints corresponding to the animal debossed on the front cover along with an inner pocket, bookmark, and a pen holder.

The Wildlife Collection celebrates animals of all types and comprises Elephant, Deer, Tiger, Whale, Bear, Duck and Kangaroo designs and is available in A4, A5, A6 and A6+ Reporter sizes.

Each version is available with plain, grid, dot grid or lined ruling formats.


Dingbats Notebooks, Wildlife series A5 £15.95, A6 Pocket/Portrait £11.95, A4 £23.95 and A6+ Reporter £11.95. All with a choice of lined, grid, dot grid or plain pages from Dingbats Notebooks

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