Crafts for kids to do this Summer


eco craftsFree Jam Jar Crafts for Kids

The humble jam jar might not be the most obvious choice of raw material for a crafting session, but with a bit of imagination, a box of scraps, glue and odd-and-ends, it makes the perfect base for some eco-friendly craft making for the whole family! Easy and low cost, make a start by saving your used jars today and put away in your rainy day cupboard or craft box for some fun, interesting projects for children (and adults!) of all ages!

Get Creative Making Sock Puppets and Recycling

If you feel like you’ve got enough plastic stuff then it’s time to get creative and come up with some entertaining ways of using recyclable materials. Making sock puppets is a great way to use up old socks and extra craft materials, and once you have a whole cast you can write up and perform an endless variety of new puppet shows. Best of all, many of the products used in making sock puppets can still be recycled when you are finished so there’s no need to worry about how your fun may end up hurting others at another time.  

Making Recycling a Fun Activity

Recycling should be a family-wide effort that comes naturally to everyone – though like most household tasks is much easier said than done where children are concerned!

It’s no big secret that children soon begin to resent anything they perceive as a chore, so it makes sense to introduce recycling as something that is ‘fun’ to do rather than something they ‘have’ to do.

 Paper Making

Paper making is a centuries old craft that is both practical and great fun – and used as a way to recycle your waste paper it is also extremely eco-friendly!



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