Could this ethical online supermarket start-up have an answer to the food waste and plastic pollution crisis?


goodclubRecently 93.4% of consumers agreed that they would like to use a service where they could return product packaging so it can be cleaned and reused a number of times. What’s more, 60% consumers would buy more sustainable groceries if prices were lower (60%) and there was better availability (59%).

Responding directly to these concerns, Good Club was established in 2018 to bring sustainable, affordable groceries to your door.

  • Good Club is the brainchild of ex-Farmdrop CEO, Ben Patten
  • By cutting out the middlemen and focusing on selling sustainable products, customers can enjoy the lowest prices for their sustainable grocery staples, an average of 52.87% lower than the average price in the market;
  • Affordable prices mean no 2-4-1 bulk buy gimmicks, meaning less food waste as customers only buy what they need
  • Good Club sells over 2,000 sustainable staples, from all major, ethical food and household brands to customers nationwide

Good Club is now tackling the plastic food packaging problem, something the big supermarkets have so far been slow to respond to in a meaningful, scalable way as single-use plastic is the backbone of their business.  

Good Club is currently raising money via a Crowdcube campaign to trial custom designed, reusable product packaging and delivery boxes that can be  recovered from customers, cleaned and reused. Good Club is set to become the UK’s first zero-waste online supermarket.

CEO and co-founder Ben Patten comments: “At Good Club, our mission is to help people live a more sustainable lifestyle without breaking the bank. We’re developing reusable product packaging along with logistics technology to tackle the food waste and single-use plastic crises head-on”

With the money raised on Crowdcube, Good Club are on a mission to cut waste even further by:

  • Distributing and collecting product packaging and delivery boxes for reuse, without extra expense
  • Encouraging good customer behaviour with a returnable deposit scheme on reusable product packaging
  • Partnering with brands to package products in our reusable packaging
  • Offering a free recycling service for items that aren’t recycled by the customer’s local authority

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