Corpo Sancto – Reed Diffusers


reed diffusersDesign brand Corpo Sancto have added reed diffusers to compliment their range of rapeseed wax & wood wick candles. Created to evoke and inspire the imagination, the most recent addition to Corpo Sancto’s range of products contains botanical fragrance mixed with a plant-based, long lasting diffuser base giving scent lasting over 3 months (depending on room temperature).

The unique fragrances are the product of the imagination of the Anglo-Scandinavian Brighton based team, Annelie & Chris Turner, who, tired of traditionally misleading descriptions of scents, chose deliberately obvious names for each of their products.

The process of creating the scents is a highly guarded secret but involves weeks of sampling and testing. All Corpo Sancto products are handmade and packaged using recycled/recyclable materials.


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