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Dr.William.BloomWith the imminent launch of his groundbreaking new Diploma in Practical Spirituality & Wellness in London and Scotland, Dr William Bloom – the UK’s leading expert in modern spirituality – shares simple ways to connect to our natural state of wellbeing and aliveness

For Dr William Bloom –  author of the Power of Modern Spirituality and founder of the Spiritual Companions Trust – modern spirituality is best defined as everyone’s natural instinct to connect with the wonder and energy of life and to explore its meaning.

Dr Bloom, who prepares to launch the first nationally accredited qualification sharing the health benefits of spirituality at the Alternatives Programme of St. James’s Church, Piccadilly (London) and Findhorn College (Scotland) in the autumn, proposes that a daily connection with “the wonder and energy of life” is good for everyone’s physical and psychological health. In the new Diploma in Practical Spirituality and Wellness* course, which he developed and leads, Bloom will be guiding students to explore and discover their own best circumstances for connecting with this vital fuel for living. (* Crossfields Institute Level 3 Diploma in Practical Spirituality and Wellness – Ofqual Register No. 601/8673/2 Health & Social Care).

Dr Bloom says: “Connecting to the wonder and energy of life brings people out of the existential anxiety of just dealing with the challenges of daily living into a state that is more content and at ease. We can identify so many different styles and approaches for making this connection with life’s awesome magic, whether we call it God, spirit, mystery, joie de vivre, or just ‘oneness’. Some people connect through being quiet and contemplative. Others are more active, for example preferring dance, music or song. For many people being in nature is their best way to experience that wonderful connection. Whatever method you use, regular connection can always make you feel better.”

Here are Dr Bloom’s top ten ways for connecting to the energy and wonder of life:

  1. The Natural World: Whether you’re in the city or out in wilderness, the natural world is always there. Sky. Wind. Flowers. Trees. Animals. Even sitting in the office, a few seconds spent appreciating a plant can connect you and lift your spirits.
  2. Movement, Exercise, Yoga, Sport, Dance: For many people moving their bodies is the best key for connecting back into the magic of life.
  3. Being Quiet, Contemplation, Meditation: You don’t have to be an experienced meditator to enjoy the deep benefits of just sitting quietly.
  4. Singing: Many people experience a great connection with life when they sing. You might just enjoy singing in the bath, or with a choir, or along to pop music.
  5. Listening, Giving Care, Compassion: It is a common experience for people to experience the more loving and spiritual dimensions of life when they give care and compassion.
  6. Creativity, Art, Music: Expressing ourselves in creative ways, many of us get caught up in the flow of inspiration and the natural joy of being alive.
  7. Prayer and Worship: Communicating directly and feeling the personal relationship with life’s mystery can be deeply moving.
  8. Ceremony and Ritual: Just slowly lighting a candle can create a sense of magic and connection.
  9. Crafts and Hobbies: Some people connect into the spiritual zone when they are deep in the flow of a hobby, such as woodcarving, fixing an engine, knitting or weaving.
  10. Like-Minded Friends and Community: When we take time to be with like-minded friends and people with whom we can talk and share common experiences, we feel safer, more at ease and connected.


Whatever method you use to connect, Dr Bloom has identified universal strategies that amplify and enhance the experience:

  • Pause, be mindful and notice that something good is happening
  • Drop down into your body, soften your breath and, as best you can, be at ease
  • Open yourself, yield and surrender to the feeling of the experience, like relaxing in a warm bath
  • Engender an emotion of appreciation and gratitude

Dr Bloom says: “Put simply, the steps are: identify what works for you, do it daily, yield, and let it in. Doing this daily gives you the fuel and inspiration to connect to life’s vital wellspring. There is no better source for supporting you and helping you to support the wider community of life.”

The groundbreaking new Diploma in Practical Spirituality and Wellness – the first fully-accredited qualification on the Ofqual Register teaching the health benefits of spirituality – launches at Alternatives in London on 16th September, and atFindhorn College in Scotland on 14th October, 2017. The level 3 Diploma qualification for the Health and Social Care sector is accredited by the Crossfields Institute (Qual No: 601/8673/2). Admissions are now open: early booking is advised as places are limited to 35 students per course.

For more information and to register for the Diploma for Practical Spirituality & Wellness visit:


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