Coasters, Set of 4 – Green


Coasters_Green1Ethiqana is a new ethical company that has come on our radar here at TGF.  We recently started looking for some new coasters for the office and these are definitely a hot contender for the final purchase.

Blue pottery is widely recognised as the traditional craft of the pink city of Jaipur (so called because of the wide use of pink sandstone in its myriad palaces and buildings) in north-west India.

It is an unusual blend of Chinese, Turko-Persian and Indian techniques.

This pottery is fired at a low temperature, glazed and is painstakingly hand decorated with motifs inspired by the plant and animal world which is why no two pieces can be exactly the same.

This is a handmade product. No two items are the same. There will be slight variations in colour or finish.

Price is £14.99.


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