Marrakech_600xWith this heat, you will always see close at hand a trusted fan to keep me feeling cooler.  So when I saw this gorgeous Bolga Fan from Lola & Mawu, I knew I just had to share it with you all.

Stylish and functional, our Bolga fans are perfect for cooling down on a hot summer day.

They will also look amazing on your wall. Choose one or if you want to create a stronger statement go for a combination of two or three!

Size approx: 47 x 28 cm

  • Fair trade
  • Made with natural straw
  • Vegan
  • Made in Ghana

Care: Do not expose to direct sunlight to avoid discolouration.

NB This is a handmade item and may have irregularities and variations of colour. These are not flaws, but part of what makes each piece unique.

Price is £25.


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