Black And White Square Bamboo Basket


normal_pre-approval-black-and-white-bamboo-basketAs you know if you are regular readers of TGF we are avid fans of Not on the High Street.  Friends have just recently moved house and so I needed to find a housewarming gift that is ethical and a bit different.  When I saw these Black and White Bamboo baskets I knew they would go great with their colour scheme.

These square bamboo baskets are so useful around the home. They would be great for storing scarves or toys or standing your plants in inside your home.  Who doesn’t love some stylish storage?

Available in three sizes, these baskets are sold separtely and look fabulous alone or as a set of three.

Square image shown in second image.

made from: bamboo


Large: H27 W32 D32 cm

Medium: H26 W26 D24 cm

Small: H21 W21 D21cm

Prices start from £15.


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