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National Eczema Week, 17 – 25 September

hopes reliefWith National Eczema Week just around the corner, independent skincare advisor for natural skincare brand Hope’s Relief, Lindsey Miller, shares her five top tips for eczema sufferers. Hope’s Relief has been carefully formulated for skin prone to eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis and is safe for babies upwards.

Lindsey says, “In my experience there is rarely one single cause for stubborn skin conditions. Making small lifestyle changes in all areas and using the right skincare products is generally more helpful to help keep problems at bay long term”.

  1. Get a healthy diet. Make sure you eat your five a day or preferably more!  Carotenoids are good for the skin and generally found in orange, yellow and red fruits and vegetables. Blueberries and avocado are also some of my favorites for healthy skin.
  2. Keep hydrated. Make sure you get your 2 litres of water a day. I like to start the day off with a glass of hot water and a squeeze of lemon to cleanse the system. Beware of Alcohol. Alcohol is a common trigger, as it can dehydrate the body, dry the skin and exacerbate itching.
  3. Avoid topical irritants.These can be found in the form of detergents and surfactants, which can range from household cleaning agents to the products we use to clean our own bodies. Choose natural, unperfumed products and those that are soap-free or specifically tailored for sensitive skin or eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.
  4. Wash in moderation. Eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis generally hate water. Over washing can dry the skin so do not have water too hot and do not soak in the bath for long periods. Short tepid showers are best and be careful to pat dry and never rub delicate areas.
  5. Pick the right skincare products! I can’t stress how essential this is. You should look to avoid harsh irritants all the time if you want healthy skin and not just simply when the condition is bad.

With Hope’s Relief Intensive Dry Relief Rescue Cream (£17.49), eczema will be a thing of the past. The therapeutic formula is completely natural and rapidly absorbed to leave skin soft and supple and is ideal for dry and itchy skin prone to eczema.

For dry and flaky scalps try Hope’s Relief Shampoo, £16.99 and Hope’s Relief Conditioner, £16.99. The shampoo will soothe the itch and control flakes and the conditioner will leave hair nourished, soft and manageable. These vegetarian products are suitable for babies to adults with an unscented, pH balanced, hypoallergenic formulation.

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