image005Every bottle of Avallen actively removes nearly 3kg of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere – the equivalent of driving 21km or 13 miles in an average car!

Avallen, the calvados brand on a mission to be the world’s most planet positive spirit, invites flavour and sustainability to exist harmoniously in one sip. This is a younger, fresher and more sustainable take on the traditional calvados, which is a certified (AOC) apple brandy from Normandy, made by distilling cider into a neutral apple spirit and then ageing the liquid for a minimum of two years in French oak casks. Avallen, meaning ‘apple tree’ in Old Cornish, is made with nothing but apples, water, and time – that’s all.

Since its launch in 2019, Avallen has set out to take action against the climate crisis by setting new benchmarks for sustainability in the drinks industry and giving back more than it takes. Thanks to its impact-led production methods, eco-friendly packaging, and use of three simple ingredients, this calvados is proudly a planet-positive brand.

It all starts with water. 1.2l of water is used to produce a bottle of Avallen. To put that into perspective, it takes 13 litres to make a single bottle of bourbon, on average. More importantly, every bottle of Avallen actively removes 2.73kg of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere – the equivalent of driving 21km or 13 miles in an average car!

With no added sugar, minimal processing and fiercely protected biodiversity within the orchards, the very things that make Avallen so good for the planet also makes it taste great on the palate. Whether you choose to drink the calvados on its own, or mixed in cocktails, highballs or even a spritz, Avallen guarantees the perfect refreshing tipple, for any time of year.

What’s more, as part of Avallen’s planet conscious business model, the brand has partnered with 1% for the planet, donating to organisations and charities that champion the protection of bees, the restoration of their habitats and the ban of harmful neonicotinoids. Avallen also has the goal of planting 10,000 flowering plants in their first three years since launch, through bartender activations, purposeful POS and by restoring wild meadows at its distillery.

Stephanie Jordan, co-founder of Avallen, commented: “Everything we do at Avallen is with the planet in mind, from the liquid inside to the plastic-free bottle and labels made from waste apple pulp, it is as sustainable as we can make it.

“From blossom to bottle, we examine every aspect of our process, challenging ourselves and our industry to ‘bee more’ – more than a refreshing drink, more than a great cause, more than a neutral impact. We’ve set out to be the world’s most planet-positive spirit to prove that you can still enjoy a delicious tipple guilt-free, and the planet doesn’t have to suffer a hangover. How amazing is that?”

Avallen is available from online retailers such as the UK’s leading ethical market place My Green Pod, Ocado, Master of Malt and The Whisky Exchange at an RRP of £35.00.

For more information, please visit: https://avallenspirits.com/


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