Aromatherapy from the Very First Thin Blue Line


image001 (6)With stress being one of the biggest factors to affect mother and baby wellbeing, at any time during pregnancy, the importance for mum-to-be to take some time out should never be underestimated. Founded by natural parenting expert, Angela Spencer, Babyopathy has a clear vision to support women to have a positive and calm pregnancy.

First to launch in the brand-new collection of 100% natural essential oils and undoubtedly the three must-have blends include; Thin Blue Line, Birth Day and To Infinity and Beyond.

Thin Blue Line – £6.95

Ideal for the first Trimester and throughout pregnancy, this blend aids relaxation, supports healthy sleep patterns and wellbeing, as well as nurturing those all-important first connections between mum baby.

Birth Day – £19.95

From 38 weeks of pregnancy only, the beautiful ‘Birth Day’ essential oil will nurture mums-to-be through the very final stages of pregnancy. Blended specifically to support uterine wellbeing, this essential oil nurtures mums-to-be through the infamous Braxton Hicks and most importantly, helps to prepare mind and body for childbirth.

To Infinity and Beyond – £6.95

Designed for the 4th Trimester onwards, To Infinity and Beyond, nurtures a mum’s emotional wellbeing and supports baby to develop a feeding and sleeping routine.


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