denim-apronFor the stylish gardener or cook in your life, this recycled apron is a must. Handmade in a pinafore style in classic denim, the design is not only clever, but practical. There is a large pocket on the front and two ingenious smaller pockets made from the seat of a pair of jeans. The neck loop is made from a waistband fastened with a jean button and the hardwearing denim ensures a protective apron.

This is a large supplier based in Bangladesh with two and a half thousand employees, who are mainly women. One hundred and forty are support staff, one thousand artisans work in the factories and five hundred work from home. The remainder are sub-contractors. Whilst most of the workers come from rural areas and are mainly poor women, widows or divorcees, the support teams are highly skilled experts that are specialised in their fields. All employees receive many benefits in addition to their wages including the Provident Fund for retirement, gratuity, medical allowances; annual leave and a share of the profit.

All of the products this supplier produces are handmade from natural materials and two percent of the annual profit goes towards community development. The innovative company are currently going through the process of setting up and testing a solar dryer for their handmade paper items and two of their factories have effluent treatment plants installed. This company is a ‘Guaranteed Fair Trade’ certified company by the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO). Denim is one of the world’s oldest fabrics, yet remains eternally young and diverse in its uses. This one is just pure genius.

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Available to buy from Ian Snow for £15.99.  How can you resist it!


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