AllerGuard Baby Mattress Protector


allerguardIf you have had a baby/child as allergic to mine, you will have spent many hours researching how to reduce allergens, what to buy and what to use.  It seems like a neverending struggle, well it felt like that for me.  But I have to say there is hope at the end of the tunnel, my baby (or not so baby) will turn 21 this year and his allergies are so much better than they were.

The AllerGuard gives your baby ultimate protection from dust mites as this sheet completely surrounds the mattress, featuring a zipper closure. The unique structure of the AllerGuard material gives it high air permeability, so your baby will be comfortable all through the night.

AllerGuard also has very high water absorption which means it will even protect your baby’s mattress from stains! (Use the mattress protector under your baby’s ordinary sheet).

The AllerGuard Baby Mattress Protector is available in the following sizes:
Cot: 60x122x10cm Cot Bed: 70x140x10cm
(They can make custom sizes on request)

Available to buy from AllerGuard with prices starting from £63.20.


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