Alchemic Kitchen launches zero waste range of preserves.


ak2Alchemic Kitchen, a Merseyside based social enterprise, is challenging the status quo. They are spreading their message of food waste reduction through a delicious range of jams, chutneys and preserves.

They specialise in making wonderful products from food that would otherwise be discarded. Alchemic Kitchen’s team step in to rescue food from local farms or markets which has been rejected for being too big, too small, too soft, too ripe, too hard, or simply too much, and whip up delicious treats and feasts. In the process, they work with local people to enhance their skills, connect communities to the value of good food and turn passive consumers into active food citizens.

All of their products are available to purchase through a subscription service launching January 2020. By subscribing, you will receive quarterly parcels containing a selection of their latest products, along with a newsletter and a recipe card. You can choose from either, a sweet, savory or mixed selection. Popular products include jams, chutneys, ketchups, pickles, tisanes and much, much more. Can’t wait until January? You don’t have to! Alchemic kitchen also has a limited number of Christmas gift boxes available. For only £12.50 you will receive a couple of our scrumptious preserves and either a fruit tea or beer grain granola. This will be accompanied by our Christmas newsletter and a recipe card which brimming with ideas for your Christmas leftovers. You can shop the range at
The gift of giving
Each box you buy helps us to train volunteers from community groups ranging from military veterans, people in recovery from addictions or mental health problems or those who want to learn new skills. They join us on farms to rescue fruit and vegetables at risk of going to waste, and work alongside us to develop kitchen skills and food confidence.
Lucy Antal, founder of the Alchemic Kitchen said:
“We’re passionate about the value of food and the importance of building strong regional food networks, supporting local growers and preventing waste. In the process, we want to help more local people access good food, gain useful skills and experience. It’s incredible to see the power of food to bring people together and work a little alchemy. By supporting us and buying a Christmas box you’ll be helping a fledgling social enterprise strongly rooted in the Merseyside area and the needs of local people and the environment. At the heart of what we do is our belief in valuing food and valuing people. We hope you’ll join us.”


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