Build your own eco-friendly car with the Air Power Engine Car Kit.

The car requires no batteries, no motors, and no chargers – it’s powered by compressed air compulsion. Just pump air into the large air chamber bottle and when it’s full, let it go!

To start with, build the air powered car using the included parts and the easy-to-follow instructions. Once assembled, take the car for a test drive.

air powered carWhen the air is pumped in and released, it expands and drives the vehicle forward – up to 50 metres in just 35 seconds!

There’s a built-in safety valve to release excess air.

The Air Powered Engine Car Kit is a marvellous educational science kit that will inspire and entertain kids for hours on end.

The kit includes all components and an instruction manual. Some household items may be required such as scissors or hobby knife, screwdriver, marker pen and tissue paper.

For ages 10+

Box Size: 31.5 x 19 x 11cm

Assembled Size: 16 x 23 x 16cm

Available to buy from Totally Funky for £17.99


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