“Acanthus” – William Morris 14oz


Ecoffee-Cup-_26-William-Morris-Acanthus-_E2_80_93-William-Morris-14oz-600507-Reusable-abdb7143-1432-45d2-a627-2e1bee668650_1024x1024When we do our courses on how to go greener in your lives one of the most common points we find is that people are still getting take away coffees in one use cups.  So if we could all do our bit and bring your own coffee cut.  There are so many wonderful ones on the market, we have chosen to showcase the Acanthus from Ecoffee.

William Morris is recognised as one of the most significant cultural figures of Victorian Britain. Artist, print maker, poet and social activist, he was associated with the British arts and crafts movement and contributed to the revival of traditional textile arts and production methods. He also held a deep commitment and respect for the environment.  Useful and beautiful, Ecoffee Cup embodies all William Morris held true. Functional classics for our times.

Each year, 100 billion single use coffee cups end up as landfill. That’s why we created Ecoffee Cup, an environmentally responsible reusable made with naturally organic bamboo fibre. It’s BPA and phthalate free and at just 135g, it’s light, sturdy and fully dishwasher safe. It also has a resealable ‘no-drip’ lid. That’s why Ecoffee Cup is the Natural Reusable. Not suitable for microwave.


  • 14oz/ 400ml capacity
  • Cuts daily consumer waste
  • Fully dishwasher safe
  • Made with natural bamboo fibre
  • Naturally sterile: no flavour-taint
  • Resealable ‘no-drip’ lid
  • Reusable over and over
  • William Morris Limited Edition

Price is £11.95.



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