A Splash of Colour and a Kiss From the Sun Will Transform Your Outdoor Spaces


solar1As the nights begin to lighten and the skies begin to brighten our thoughts naturally turn to our gardens and outdoor spaces. Now is the time to tidy up your outdoor spaces in preparation for the summer planting ahead and adding garden lighting to bring your garden to life at night.

A little sparkle goes a long way and solar lighting is quite possibly one of the easiest ways to add instant character to your summer garden. Requiring little of no maintenance, solar lighting can simply be placed and enjoyed, there’s no wiring and all you have to do is ensure that the solar panel receives maximum exposure to sunlight allowing your lights to charge throughout the day rewarding you with a beautiful, atmospheric glow at night.

Solar lighting isn’t all about the utlitlity look either, hand painted decorative stake lights such as the Flower Fairy Stake Light add a magical glow to borders and patios adding a splash of colour and an atmospheric sparkle as their handpainted floral skirts are lit up with LED string lights night after night. No installation is required, simply stake and enjoy!

If your space is limited then consider hanging decorative lanterns from trees, trellises or even apartment balconies to add a gentle glow without taking up valuable space. Go for decorative floral lanterns to compliment your garden or go all out with adorable butterfly and firely lanterns. With sweet smiling faces and hand painted bulbs lit by LED string lights, these adorable lanterns bring their own quirky personality and an enchanting glow to your outdoor spaces.

With vibrant colour and quirky design, your garden can be transformed from dull and dreary to an enchanting haven all with a kiss from the sun and a little well placed light!


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