a-set-of-go-coverage-foundation-miniaturesIf you are looking for a new foundation that is natural and vegan, then check out these little miniatures.

Annabelle Minerals coverage foundations is a proposal for people who expect the effect of strong coverage make-up. Dedicated to normal and dry skin. They ensure full coverage of imperfections and discolorations. The formula remains light and comfortable to wear. The base coat provides sun protection at 30SPF.

What will you get in the Go Coverage set?

Inside you will find 16 different tones of Annabelle Minerals coverage foundations:

1. Sunny, in a warm, yellow-lemon tone, perfect for persons with a golden and very warm complexion;

2. Golden, in a yellow-olive warm tone, the most popular of our tones, created for warm, slightly olive skin;

3. In a cool, Natural neutral foundation range created for women with cool, neutral-beige tone of skin;

4. In a cool, Beige pink range, dedicated to light, slightly pink complexions.

The shades are arranged from the darkest in the following order: Light, Fair, Fairest, Cream.

Each container contains about 0.4 g of the product. This amount is enough to apply the product at least several times, so you can test the product properly.

Available to buy online from Annabelle Minerals for 11.30 euros.


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