A revolution in non-dairy milk


nutramilkThe growing global shift from dairy to plant based milks is showing no sign of abating, though until recently there were two options, neither offering a perfect solution.

Shop – bought nut milk usually arrives in non-recyclable containers and has additives that some purists find less than ideal and the actual nut content can be quite low.

DIY nut milk has been a “thing” for years producing beautiful quality plant-based milks but it’s  a labour of love, involving soaking, blending and straining……. time-consuming and a tad messy.

Nutramilk’s global launch is causing quite a stir…… the counter-top machine produces up to 2 litres of pure, fresh nut milk in just 12 minutes. Also produces beautiful creamy butters and dips.

The Nutramilk was developed in colaboration with the Industrial Design department of Metropolitan State University of Denver over three years.

The result is a truly game-changing machine that alt-milk devotees are welcoming with open arms.

The Nutramilk processor comes with a bound recipe book with no less than 200 recipes; milks, butters, dips, smoothies and bowls are all produced simply, in minutes.


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